Our excellent instructors


BungyPump World Association is proud to present our instructors who have passed our basic course and are therefore able to call themselves a “BungyPump Instructor”. All instructors on our homepage are licensed instructors who lives up to our high standard when it comes to being updated and well educated.

As a licensed instructor BPWA will help you to succeed by continuously hand out different offers och material.

Read more about the privileges given to the licensed instructors.


Click on your country to see whom to get in touch with when you want to go out exercising with these fantastic BungyPump poles.


If you would also like to be on this list, contact us to find out what to do next. Mail us at info@bungypumpworld.com and we’ll be in touch about how you yourself can be one of us!


BungyPump training is a growing and exciting form of exercise. Be with us from the start! BungyPump World Association is the network which enables us to contact each other and other people.

Country City Instructor E-mail
Australia Greenwich Brent Dixon brent@bungypump.com.au
Belarus Minsk Alexandr Mekh go@nordicwalking.by
Czech Republic Prague Marian Pisenek peter.noskovic@rolcee.net
Denmark Faaborg Andreas Bock andreas@lebock.dk
Denmark Höjbjerg Running First Aps nielskim@hjorth.biz
Estonia Paldiski Toomas Köiv toomas@bungypump.ee
Finland Esbo Stina Nyholm stina.nyholm@greenday.fi
Finland Esbo Utbildnings instruktör i Finland stina.nyholm@greenday.fi
Finland Solf Carola Sandström info@mymax.fi
France Hasparren SARL Hydratechnic bungypump.france@gmail.com
France Paris Arja Jalkanen-Meyer ajform@orange.fr
France St Maur Arja Jalkanen-Meyer arja@bungypumpworld.com
Germany Bad Säckingen Jacqueline Schurer jacqueline.schuerer@gmail.com
Germany Hennef Verena Wiechers wiechers@mamaworkout.de
Italy Alessandria Adelio Debenedetti bungypump.italia@gmail.com
Italy Alessandria Adelio Debenedetti bungypump.italia@gmail.com
Italy Alessandria Elisabetta Amistà amista.elisabetta@gmail.com
Italy Alessandria Elisabetta Amistà amista.elisabetta@gmail.com
Latvia Sigula Fanija Sitca fanija.sitca@gmail.com
New Zeeland Auckland Cecilia Tyne cecilia.bungypumpnz@gmail.com
New Zeeland Auckland Spencer Noonan bungypumpnz@gmail.com
Norway Leinstrand Anne-Mari Husby Aune o-aune@online.no
Norway Oslo Ingrid Kristiansen ingrid@ingridkristiansen.com
Norway Sandvika Kine Storholt kine@trenforlivet.no
Norway Trondheim Liv Åse Evensen liv.ek@online.no
Norway Trondheim Trine Sofie Bergh tbergh2003@yahoo.no
Russia Moscow RNWA info@rnwa.ru
Russia St Petersburg Artur Kireev kireev@sportstrail.ru
Russia St Petersburg RNWA info@rnwa.ru
Slovakia Bratislava Peter Noskovic peter.noskovic@rolcee.net
South Africa Cape Town Camilla Nilsson camilla@bungypump.co.za
Spain Mallorca José Manuel Fernández taosportclub@telefonica.net
Spain Palencia Demetrio Gutierrez ibericanordicwalking@gmail.com
Spain Palencia Demetrio Gutierrez ibericanordicwalking@gmail.com
Sweden Alingsås Ulrica Lefverström u.lefverstrom@hotmail.com
Sweden Ängelholm Carina Hammarstrand physiochraft@telia.com
Sweden Ängelholm Elisabeth Kirst elisabethkirst@hotmail.com
Sweden Båstad Camilla Nilsson camilla@nilssonbrothers.com
Sweden Borlänge Kristina Dahlström stina.massage@bredband.net
Sweden Eskilstuna Barbara Drwal barbara.drwal@dll.se
Sweden Göteborg Inger Burgén Levin inger.burgenlevin@gmail.com
Sweden Göteborg Marika Larsson marika@stava.nu
Sweden Hammerdal Mia Blomberg miablomberg@hotmail.com
Sweden Härnösand Annika Sparvh
Sweden Härnösand Lena Hamrén
Sweden Hofors Britt Pettersen info@norskan.nu
Sweden Järna Jane Raidma raidma.jane@telia.com
Sweden Kristinehamn Niclas Aronsson niclas.aronsson@hotmail.com
Sweden Ljusdal Ann-Charlotte Strandell ac.strandell@gmail.com
Sweden Norrköping Jessie Hederberg jessiehederberg@hotmail.com
Sweden Nyköping Fia Larzon fia@krafthalsa.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Frida Olsen info@dinpilates.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Ida Lindström ornskoldsvik@nordicwellness.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Linda Ölund info@dinpilates.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Liselotte Eriksson info@dinpilates.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Maisha Mory info@dinpilates.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Ulla H Johansson info@dinpilates.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Anna Appelblad info@dinpilates.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Birgitta Wågberg ornskoldsvik@curves-sverige.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Eva-Lotta Uhlin info@dinpilates.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Felix Nordfjell info@levoga.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Gun Nordfjell info@levoga.se
Sweden Örnsköldsvik Inga Isaksson inga.isaksson@o-vik.com
Sweden Rosersberg Anita Bergström anita.bergstrom65@gmail.com
Sweden Skellefteå Anneth Wrahme anneth.wrahme@allt1.se
Sweden Skövde Slejman Karadag Kbkhalsocamp@hotmail.com
Sweden Södertälje Helene Luthin helene.luthin@gmail.com
Sweden Stockholm Jenny Rossen jenny@hallbartochnjutbart.se
Sweden Stockholm Anita Bergström anita.bergstrom65@gmail.com
Sweden Stockholm Elba Pineda Gustafsson elba@formochhalsa.se
Sweden Stockholm Ingela Albinsson info@halsanidig.se
Sweden Stockholm Jessica Hellback Kbkhalsocamp@hotmail.com
Sweden Stockholm Karin Wiik kawicoaching@gmail.com
Sweden Stockholm Kristina Rydén
Sweden Stockholm Maria Tamker maria.tamker@motionsplatsen.se
Sweden Stockholm Monica Österdahl monica.k.osterdahl@gmail.com
Sweden Sundsvall Anette Karlsson halsotradetab@gmail.com
Sweden Sundsvall Erica Rautila halsotradetab@gmail.com
Sweden Värnamo Eva I Svensson
United Kingdom Cheshire Elizabeth Kerley kerley@bankhousefarm.fsworld.co.uk
United Kingdom Derbyshire Samantha Armstrong sam@coreconcept.org.uk
United Kingdom Durham - Gateshead Graeme Baxter bodyandmindpt@hotmail.co.uk
United Kingdom Hertfordshire Jane Thomas jane.thomas@me.com
United Kingdom Lancashire Stepping Out info@stepping-out.org.uk
United Kingdom Lytham St Annes Bart Piotrowicz bartosz6@hotmail.com
United Kingdom Lytham St Annes Bartosz Piotrowicz info@bungypump.co.uk
United Kingdom North London Exercise London info@exercisewithfriends.co.uk
United Kingdom Oxfordshire Lisa Young lisa@oxfordshirefitness.co.uk
United Kingdom Rutland - East Midlands Kathy Horner & Jo Douglas igniteability@icloud.com
USA Fort Lauderdale Etel Lindblom etel.lindblom@bungypumpus.com
USA New York Valeria Frejlin info@bungypumpus.com
USA Seattle Christine Suter christine@nordicoutdoorfitness.com
USA Seattle Wenche Wahl wenche@NordicOutdoorFitness.com
USA Tampa Jolanta Osoba-Olbrys snowbirdsfit@gmail.com
USA Utah Cindy Beger cindy@canddaktiv.com