BPWA train individualls to become BungyPump Instructors. BungyPump is a multifunctional training pole that can be used for much more than just walking. BungyPump group training combine interval training with strength exercises. By doing this you get at full body workout.

During a one day course you will learn how to use the poles properly to get a fun and effectiv workout as well as getting tips on how to incorporate the training into your current career or develop a whole new one. When the course is completed you will be a licensed BungyPump Instructor for a full year.

As a BungyPump Instructor you will be a part of an instructor network. This network will keep you up to date with the latest BungyPump training news and will work hard to give you the best conditions for success. All instructors will be advertised on our website.

BPWA find proud in presenting educated instructors and will make sure that your skills meets our standards so the participants take pleasure in a safe and efficient training. To ensure we keep a high standard you as an instructors will update your licens every year.


Please contact us for further information on how to become an instructor in your country.