BungyPump – a fantastic way to exercise


BungyPump World Association trains and licenses instructors in BungyPump exercise both nationally and internationally. To ensure high standards and quality-assured training, we have set up a network in which you, the instructor, are updated and trained specifically to promote this form of exercise and, as a result, also benefit those who train with us.


We are continually developing the programmes we recommend and we aim to help you keep up-to-date and fully motivated to train.

Our goal is to spread our know-how on safe and effective exercise using this unique resistance pole so that more people can experience what a fantastic form of exercise BungyPump walking is.


With BungyPump poles you can exercise in many different ways, in a group or on your own. Walking/jogging can be alternated with body-building, using the suspension and resistance of the pole. BungyPump suits everyone, whether used for intensive and challenging training or for rehabilitation and healthcare.


Exercising with BungyPump is a very simple and effective way to improve your fitness and strength and increase the burning of calories by up to 77%. It is a gentle yet challenging form of exercise for the whole body. Approximately 90% of the muscles in your body are used.


As a licensed instructor you have access to all our latest exercise programmes, discounts when purchasing products, unique support and priority when applying to our activities etc. In addition, if you are licensed, you are of course on our list of instructors on this homepage. This is a unique list of contacts for people interested in exercising in a BungyPump training group in their/your particular town.


Join us …..

“BungyPump – the new way to exercise”